"After months of trying to lose weight by exercising and limiting my caloric intake and not losing a pound, I contacted Kelly Warner.  After seeing Kelly's transformation via Facebook I knew I had to get her advice about what she had done.  She emailed me about Whole30 and how it isn't just a diet it is a lifestyle change and you have to be committed to changing not just your diet, but your life.  She sent me an email full of recipes and snack suggestions.  She is always happy to answer any questions I have about where to buy something or if I am unsure about ingredients.  After 2 rounds of Whole 30 and living a mostly Paleo lifestyle for 8 months I am down 30 lbs and weigh almost what I did in high school.  I am getting ready to start another round and know I will be checking Kelly's Facebook post about what they are eating to get new ideas and will know I can always contact her for support."


"I first heard about Whole30 through Kelly on her Facebook page. She not only shared with all of her friends about what the program was and how it was helping her, but she also wrote specifically about how she was cooking, how she was dealing with holidays and vacations and all of those things that make it hard to commit to doing Whole 30. She shared her successes, but she also made it accessible. She made me realize that this was a program I could do, even though it seemed overwhelming when I read the “rules”. Seeing the steps she took really motivated me. Because of this I did complete my first Whole 30, and am getting ready to do it again. I have seen her encourage other friends along the way who have stepped out to try Whole 30. Even from a distance she really walks alongside them. She is always ready to share stories, recipes, tips, and encouragement."


"In the fall of 2015 I saw a Facebook post by Kelly Warner about the Whole30 program and how much it had changed her life and I was intrigued. I was intrigued enough to do some research on my own and decided to join her in doing my first Whole30 in January of 2016. With Kelly’s guidance, sharing of recipes and tips, and words of encouragement I was very successful during that Whole 30. I have since completed 10 Whole 30s and one Whole 90; lost 135 pounds; I am no longer dependent on blood pressure, cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes medications; and I am the middle of my 11th round. None of that would have been possible without the help, encouragement and guidance of Kelly Warner. Though we no longer live in the same state, we stay in touch via Facebook and messenger and share pro tips and recipes; success and failures. I am inspired by her choice to remain paleo and by her ability to manage a healthy lifestyle with three children under the age of four."