Whole30, Certifited whole30 coach

Whole30, Certifited whole30 coach

What is the Whole30?  What can you expect to gain from the program?

The Whole30 is a catalyst for a lifestyle change to improve your health, eating habits, and relationship with food.  During the program you will think about food differently, discover that you like certain foods you previously avoided (brussell sprouts, anyone?), and help you begin to unpack your emotional relationship with food.  For 30 days you will cut out foods that are not good for you psychologically or hormonally, as well as eliminate foods that disrupt your gut and weaken your immune system by causing inflammation.  By eliminating these foods you will learn how foods have been affecting YOUR body (and mind) and will begin the healing process.  After 30 days you will follow one of two plans to reintroduce the food groups that you cut out, and analyze how those foods impact your health.  Gaining this information will help you determine if you should continue to avoid those foods or not and understand the consequences should you decide to consume something “worth it”. 

The Whole30 is not a diet and, while there are some rules to follow, there is so much that you CAN eat!  You won’t waste your time counting calories or buying special meals, but instead will focus on eating all kinds of meat, seafood, and eggs, vegetables and fruit, and natural fats.  You will likely feel (and look) so good after your experiment, you won’t want to go back to the way things were prior, and instead, will be propelled to create a perfectly healthy and sustainable lifestyle that is uniquely tailored to you.  

What can you expect to gain from the Whole30? The Whole30 book lists a ton of benefits that people have experienced from the program.  Seriously, check out the list on pages 43 and 44, or click here to read about some benefits from the Whole30 website.

Here are just a few of the things I want for you as your Certified Whole30 Coach:

  • Break free from food addiction, cravings, and the fixed mindset that you could never live without certain foods/drinks. 
  • Develop healthy habits in 30 days that you will carry with you into your new lifestyle.
  • Build your confidence in meal planning and cooking nutrient-dense food for yourself and your family.
  • Break the cycle of serving convenience foods and snacks to your family, and help you develop a taste and love of real food.
 Kelly warner is a certified Whole30 Coach located in the St. Louis, MO area.

Kelly warner is a certified Whole30 Coach located in the St. Louis, MO area.

A little about my story and why I'm the right coach for you.

I have not always had a healthy relationship with food and have struggled with my weight in the past.  Even with a degree in biology and 6 years of teaching science, where I taught my students about food, I came into my first Whole30 with very little knowledge and understanding of the impact that certain foods had on me psychologically, hormonally, and metabolically.  I had great results after my first Whole30 and became a fanatic.  I went on to complete 4 more rounds (and counting) and transitioned my family to a Paleo lifestyle when not on the program.  On this journey I have lost 75 pounds and experienced many “nonscale victories”, including: clearer skin, more energy, less brain fog, control over food cravings, better sleep, and less aches and pains.  As your Certified Whole30 Coach I want to help you change  your health, habits, and relationship with food. 

I will devote my time and energy to you during your Whole30.  I will motivate, encourage, support, and inspire you while I participate with you, day by day, in your Whole30.  We are truly on this journey together.  Ultimately I want you to do more than just survive your Whole30, which is why I aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools to transition into a healthier lifestyle after you complete the program.  I will help you navigate setbacks and hiccups, should they arise, but will not make excuses for you.  If necessary, I may need to show you tough love, but I assure you I only have the best intentions.  I want you to experience true food freedom and to feel your best.  You are worth it.  You deserve it.    

What I am not.

Please know that I am not a registered dietician, nutritionist, or medical professional.  While I am very well versed in the Whole30 program and Paleo lifestyle, my recommendations should not trump the advice of your doctors or health professionals.

What do I expect from you?

I only ask two things of you: that you give 100% and that you maintain a growth mindset.  Radically changing your life will take time and hard work, but I am sure you have done much harder things, so don’t sell yourself short.  Now is the time to put yourself and your health first, and make the most of this life you’ve been given.


Coaching Packages

Keough Friends and Family Group

Next Group: August 20th - October 7th, Whole30 starts September 3rd

  • 7 weeks of coaching 
    • 2 weeks of Boot Camp
    • 4 weeks of Whole30
    • 1 week of reintroduction
  • 3 in-person meetings
    • hosted at Keough Chiropractic
    • sample meal plan
    • tips for completing and using the Whole30 as a catalyst for a complete lifestyle change
  • Access to private FaceBook Group
    • meal planning tips and tricks
    • recipe sharing
    • best practices for sustained success
    • daily encouragement and support
    • food pictures for inspiration
    • how-to videos
    • program resources
  • Direct Access to me for support, encouragement and answering questions
    • FaceBook Group
    • Messenger

Pre-Whole30 Online Boot Camp $50

Next Boot Camp: August 20th - September 2nd 

  • 2 Week Intensive Training
  • Complete regular assignments
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to successfully complete your Whole30

Previous Client Basic Online Group Coaching


Are you a returning client?  Have you worked with me in the past and need to get back on track?  Was your Whole30 a success but you want to turn it into a Whole60 or Whole90?

My goal is to help you make this a lifestyle change and not just a one month diet plan, so I am happy to offer coaching to previous clients at a huge discount.



Seminar Events


Do you want to cook healthy meals, but don't know how to meal plan?  Do you want to learn how to save time in your busy schedule by learning the art of meal prepping?  Book me for a private event to learn, socialize, and sample Whole30 food.

These events last 2 hours and take place at a mutually agreed upon location.  Contact me to learn more about what events I offer or to discuss what you have in mind.